Herding Breeds Mini Courses

If you’re unable to commit to the 6 week Herding Breed Foundations Dog Training Course you may want to consider the herding breed mini courses.

Mini courses are not a quick fix, however if you attend the different courses and practice the games on a regular basis, you’ll be helping your dog build great life skills.

We use games orientated training methods which are kind, fun, modern and based on science.

In each training session we do a short talk on a topic related to dog behaviour to help you better understand your dog.

Each of our training courses are accompanied by an online course with lessons and videos so that you can continue to practice what you learned in the training session at home.

You can either book on a 6 session course,  or if you can’t commit to the 6 sessions, you can book the sessions individually.

Scroll down to choose the course that suits you, register your interest and we’ll reply with instructions on how to enrol.

Upcoming Training Classes

We have no events scheduled at the moment, but please register your interest and we'll be in touch.
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