CPD for your dog (Continuous Pooch Development)

Helping Hounds offers you a selection of mini courses using concept dog training.

In these courses we don’t teach the dog to act a certain way in specific situations, instead we give you games to play that when played on a regular basis will give your dog the ability to cope with everyday life. Concept training reshapes your dog’s brain, providing that you train regularly. In these courses you’ll learn 4 games and we’ll also explain why these games will help change the way that your dog feels.

Why do we call them courses when they are only 55 minutes long?

As soon as you enrol you’ll be given access to the online Dog Training Foundations Course which helps you understand how dogs think, how dogs learn, how diet effects behaviour and some simple games. After your training session you’ll be given access to an online course that covers what we did in the training session; lessons and video demonstrations, to enable you to continue playing the games with your dog.

We’ve taken a concept such as optimism and decided which games would be most likely to promote optimism in your dog. We’ll be adding more courses to each concept, so if you’ve done Optimism #1 this month, why not do Optimism #2 next month, or even try out a different concept such as calm. We’re always adding new courses and concepts.

Which course should you do?

All of them. Who wouldn’t want their dog to be more optimistic, better able to deal with arousal, more engaged? As a starting point, pick a concept that you think would most benefit your dog.

For example if your dog barks at bikes, you’ll probably benefit most from the optimism and confidence courses to begin with. If your dog has poor recall, then the impulse control, engagement, and arousal courses are what you need. If you’re not sure, get in touch and we can advise.

Don’t feel that these courses are only suitable for dogs that have issues. These courses will help you grow a dog that is able to deal happily with daily life.

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