We use kind training methods incorporating positive reinforcement.


We train using games that are fun for the dogs and the owners.


We educate ourselves to provide you with modern training methods.


Our training methods are based on the science of how dogs think and learn.

Our puppy foundations training course focuses on games to promote great life skills.

We use fun, kind, modern and scientific training methods.

If your pup is younger than 13 week when you register,  you’ll get free access to the online puppy essentials course.

Scroll down for a list of courses, if there’s something that you like the look of you can register tour interest and we’ll be in touch with enrolment instructions.  If you can’t make the current dates, you can complete the ‘keep me informed’ form and we’ll be back in touch.  Be aware though that puppies, and owners ?, really benefit from early training.  We like to see puppies coming to training sessions as early as 9 weeks old (we’ll advise you how to keep your pup safe if they’re not fully immune).  The training course offers lots of advice on how to avoid common issues, such as separation anxiety, fear aggression and resource guarding.  It’s much easier to put measures into place to avoid puppy problems becoming adult issues, that to sort of the problems once they’ve become a habit.

The puppy training course is 6 x 55 minute sessions.

We teach great life skills through games, the pups have lots of fun.

The puppy training course focuses on

  • Calmness
  • Engagement with you
  • Impulse control

These concepts will promote a friendly and confident dog with good manners and good recall.

Upcoming Puppy Training Classes

We have no events scheduled at the moment, but please register your interest and we'll be in touch.

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    Puppy Essentials Training Course

    This is an online course and is free to people who enrol their pup on the Puppy Foundations Dog Training Course before their pup is...

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