Emma Badger


I’m the owner and founder of On Cloud K9 offering dog training, specialising in puppy development and puppy training.

I have a border collie and a Welsh sheepdog.

My background is information technology and software training.

When my Welsh sheepdog became reactive to strange dogs at 7 months old I sought the help of numerous trainers without curing the problem. I then came across a Facebook group for reactive dogs which led me to modern dog training; training that is based on science rather than the outdated ‘pack’ theory.

After many years of research I decided to put the learning and my training skills to use in dog training. I gave up my job as a software trainer and set up On Cloud K9.

I didn’t want anyone else to have to go through what I went through with my Welsh sheepdog – having a reactive dog is extremely challenging – so I put together an extremely comprehensive training course aimed at puppy owners that includes all the things that I’d wished I’d known when she was a pup.