Register Interest

Owner registers interest via the form on the course page, e.g. Teen Foundations Dog Training Course

Registration of interest is sent to


Admin replies with something similar to

(course dates can be found at

Thanks for your interest in the Teen Foundations Dog Training Course, a 6 week training course designed for young dogs up to approximately 24 months old.

The training class dates for the next course are
• 11:30-12:25 Sunday 12th September 2021
• 11:30-12:25 Sunday 19th September 2021
• 11:30-12:25 Sunday 26th September 2021
• 11:30-12:25 Sunday 3rd October 2021
• 11:30-12:25 Sunday 10th October 2021
• 11:30-12:25 Sunday 17th October 2021
The training sessions will be held in Bishopston.  Further details will be given before the training sessions start.
The cost of the 6 weeks course is £120.  To secure your place on the course, please pay the 50% deposit of £60 to via PayPal using the friends and family optionPlease click here if you’re not sure how to do this.   Please enter your dog’s name, age and breed in the comments section and then reply to this email attaching your dog’s vaccination certificate.
Once we’ve received your deposit, you’ll be sent details of your account that will allow you access to the online element of the training course.  You then will be enrolled on to the Dog Training Foundations Online Course and receive a notification to this effect.  As an attendee of the Teen Foundations Dog Training Course this online course is free to you. It will give you access to information that will be relevant to your dog, along with some simple games and exercises that we’ll build upon in the coming weeks.
The balance of £60 will be due in cash at the end of the first training session. At that point you’ll be enrolled on the online element of the Teen Foundations Dog Training Course, where each week articles and videos will be released that will allow you to recap what we went through in that week’s training session.
Spaces are limited and are allocated to the first people to pay the deposit.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Owner pays 50% deposit via PayPal.

Payment confirmation is sent to from PayPal.

Owner replies to previous email from with vaccination certificate.

Course Enrolment

Create User

User must be created in order to be assigned to a course.

Username: dog’s name + owner’s surname

Email address: owners email address

System sends email to owner informing of user name and link to create password

Assign user to group

There’s n way of sharing contact user groups on a Mac/Windows, so we’ll use WordPress groups to keep a track of who is in which course.

Edit the user.  Add the user to the correct group – course name yyyymmddhhmm.

At this point you could add in the name of the owner and the breed, if that hasn’t already been completed.

Enrol user on course

Users get access to the Dog Training Foundations Course (not the course that they’ve enrolled on yet).

Orders > Add New

Status: Completed

Customer > Change: set to user

Add Item: Dog Training Foundations Course

Order Action: Trigger action of  current order state


This will trigger an email to the user similar to this.

Hi {{user_name}}

You have been enrolled on the {{course_name}}

You will have received a separate email with the login details that will allow you access to the online part of this course.

Once logged in, please go to your profile page and complete the following details

  • Profile Picture – your favourite picture of {{user_name}} so that we can recognise you in the training classes
  • More Fields area with your dog’s details
    • Date of Birth – if you’re not sure, just be as accurate as you can
    • Breed – if {{user_name}} is a cross breed, pick the closest option
    • Personality – tell us a bit about {{user_name}}
    • Owners Name – for our records, who owns {{user_name}}?

You can then go to {{course_name}} and start the online element of your training.