1DiscussionWelcome To The Adolescent Foundations Course5:00-:05
2EngagementGameOrientation Game10:05-:15
3DisengagementGameOrientation Marker10:15-:25
4Adolescence DiscussionAdolescence 10:25-:35
5EngagementGameFigure of 810:35-:45
6DisengagementGameDistraction > Mark > Treat5:45-:55
Puppy owners course, not puppy course
Online course/homework
Concept training - not training in the moment - developing life skills
Feel free to ask questions
Not somewhere for the dogs to play, somewhere for dog to work with owner, don't want frustrated greeter

Orientation Game
Ditch the bowl (in Dog Training Foundations)

4 - 24 months
Adolescents in social species test the commitment of the family
More likely to obey a stranger than family
Stronger the relationship with family, the less conflict (course focuses on engagement)
Growth spurts lead to imbalance in body
Clumsy - haven't developed body awareness
Hormone changes (more next week) - more risky behaviour to find excitement and pleasure - may have been tolerated as a pup, but not now

Growing pains - more touch sensitive and dislike harness
increased chewing - developing muscles - appropriate chewing - control and management