1DiscussionWelcome To The Adolescent Foundations Course5:00-:05
2EngagementGameOrientation Game10:05-:15
3DisengagementGameOrientation Marker10:15-:25
4Adolescence DiscussionAdolescence 10:25-:35
5EngagementGameFigure of 810:35-:45
6DisengagementGameDistraction > Mark > Treat5:45-:55
Puppy owners course, not puppy course
Online course/homework
Concept training - not training in the moment - developing life skills
Feel free to ask questions
Not somewhere for the dogs to play, somewhere for dog to work with owner, don't want frustrated greeter

Orientation Game
Ditch the bowl (in Dog Training Foundations)

4 - 24 months
Adolescents in social species test the commitment of the family
More likely to obey a stranger than family
Stronger the relationship with family, the less conflict (course focuses on engagement)
Growth spurts lead to imbalance in body
Clumsy - haven't developed body awareness
Hormone changes (more next week) - more risky behaviour to find excitement and pleasure - may have been tolerated as a pup, but not now

Growing pains - more touch sensitive and dislike harness
increased chewing - developing muscles - appropriate chewing - control and management
2EngagementGameProximity Vortex10:00-:10:30-:40
3Impulse ControlGameAeroplane Game10:10-:20:40-:50
4Adolescence DiscussionHormones 10:20-:30:50-:00
5EngagementGameCheck Me Out Circle10:30-:40:00-:10
6DisengagementGameCollar Grab10:40-:50:00-:20

Surge of hormones


Surge of testosterone
Blamed for bad behaviour
Castration removes most testosterone
Testosterone boosts confidence
A lot of behaviour struggles are due to lack of confidence
Previously testosterone was thought to cause dominance, which is why castration was recommended
Studies have shown that the longer the dog keeps the testosterone the less likely they are to develop fear related behaviours
Non-social Fear
During thunderstorms,, firework displays, or similar events
When first exposed to unfamiliar situations (e.g., first car trip, first time in elevator, first visit to veterinarian, etc.)
In response to wind or wind-blown objects.
In response to strange or unfamiliar objects on or near the sidewalk (e.g., plastic trash bags, leaves, litter, flags flapping, etc.)
In response to sudden or loud noises (e.g., vacuum cleaner, car backfiring, road drills, objects being dropped, etc.)
Touch Sensitivity
When having nails clipped by a household member
When examined/treated by a veterinarian
When groomed or bathed by a household member
When having his/her feet towelled by a household member
Dog-directed Fear
When barked at, growled at, or lunged at by an unfamiliar dog
When approached directly by a smaller unfamiliar dog
When approached directly by an unfamiliar dog of same or larger size.
When unfamiliar dogs visit your home
Stranger-related Fear
When unfamiliar persons visit your home
When approached directly by an unfamiliar adult while away from your home
When approached directly by an unfamiliar child while away from your home
When an unfamiliar person tries to touch or pet the dog
Separation related Problems
Howling when separated
Testosterone is likely to encourage engagement with environment - play engagement games
Testosterone is also made is other body areas
short high intensity exercise before body goes into stress to boost circulating testosterone - 3 minute games to increase confidence and engagement 

hormone of pregnancy
need to keep in utero pups safe
more likely to resource guard (multi dog household!)
increased startle response/general awareness
season very approx 6 months
during season 63 days of high progesterone as if they were pregnant 
dogs lived in social groups
female dogs could share the responsibility of feeing the pups
bucket filling - 4 months of year dog is pessimistic - one third of the year
2EngagementGameWeather Games10:00-:10:30-:40
3DisengagementGameGiving Into Lead Pressure10:10-:20:40-:50
4Engagement DiscussionEngagement10:20-:30:50-:00
6DisengagementGameAttention Noise10:40-:50:00-:20
Where to play the games
Type of food
Food delivery
When to play
2DisengagementGameA to B10:00-:10:30-:40
3DisengagementGameDisengage Game10:10-:20:40-:50
5DisengagementGameScatter Switch10:30-:40:00-:10
6DisengagementGamePlant Pot Prison10:40-:50:00-:20
2ArousalGamePaint the Town Red10:00-:10:30-:40
3ArousalGameGame Changes10:10-:20:40-:50
5ArousalGamePace Changes10:30-:40:00-:10
6ArousalGameMassage Changes10:40-:50:00-:20
Stress hormones
Drainage hole
Dog's brain
3Impulse ControlGameMouse Game10:10-:20:40-:50
4Impulse ControlDiscussionImpulse Control10:20-:30:50-:00
5Impulse ControlGameToy Switch10:30-:40:00-:10
6Impulse ControlGameGet It10:40-:50:00-:20